There is no rushing a river. When you go there, you are at the pace of the water and that pace ties you into a flow that is older than life on this planet. Acceptance of that pace, even for a day, changes us, reminds us of other rhythms beyond the sound of our own heartbeats.

-Jeff Rennicke, River Days: Travels on Western Rivers, A collection of Essays

Let go. Allow yourself to be transformed through physical surroundings | Ride up till jaw drops. 7 mountain ranges and 2500 vertical feet off a canyon rim command the view | The guides are the magic. You’re family here and we treat you accordingly. Generosity and genuine are the words | This trail system is the real deal. Made by riders, for riders. Don’t miss this gem | From the reservation, to the arrival at the base lodge, to the guides and drivers, to the ride itself…. exceptional. Exceeded my expectations in all areas | Embark one person, come back another. The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.