Sage is always looking for FUN people to join the team. We are currently accepting applications for this coming summer season (2018).

Sage is a well established year round guide service that has much smaller shoulder/off seasons than your ordinary seasonal business. We have a core team of employees that work only and exclusively for Sage, year round. They do a mixture of a lot of things, including  Raft Guide, Safety Kayak, Snowmobile Guide, Instruct shooters, Fishing Guide, Van/bus driver, ATV Guide, and Guide Horses as Wranglers. Any and all of this could be you!

We are specifically looking for Office/Reservation staff, Wranglers, Raft Guides, Fly Fishing Guides, Shotgun Shooting Instructors, and CDL shuttle drivers for the 2018 summer!

We hire people who are genuinely good, happy people. People that love the out-of-doors, that love other people, that are gifted at sharing, and are naturally giving, polite, and mature. We can train you to do the above mentioned jobs, but first, you must meet our personality criteria, naturally.

Holding a valid commercial drivers license (at least class C w/ passenger endorsement) is a big plus for the application process.

We prefer full time employees. Part time work is difficult for you as an employee, as well as us as shift schedulers, due to the ever changing demand as the tourist season ebbs and flows.

Sage is a drug free workplace. All applicants must agree to a Nation wide criminal and driving background check, as well as pass a pre-employment drug screen. Upon hire, all employees must agree to be entered in a random drug/alcohol screening pool for the duration of their employment.


Much of our summer hiring is done through a commercial raft guide training class. If you want to guide whitewater rafts anywhere in the U.S., you must complete one of these courses. Sage’s Raft training class is cutting edge. This year’s class will begin May 21 and go through early June. This class is full-on everything river guiding. If you don’t already love the river, you will after taking this class. This class not only prepares you for river guiding, but gives you a good sphere of awareness and skills needed for most any guide position, whether on snow, land, or water, there is just a way guides look at things and behave. Raft training instills these skills and perspective into you, and is a great foundation for starting your career as a professional guide.

In the raft guide training class, we implement a lot of swiftwater rescue techniques, rowing, paddle guiding, river features, boat anatomy, rigging, rescue, etc. The start of the class is spent on mellow water in boats with rowing frames.You will spend a lot of time in full control of the boat with your oars. As trainees get the hang of rowing and reading the water in easy section, we work into paddle boating (where the guide is in the back of the raft guding with a single paddle and calling paddle commands to the crew) in class III and even some class IV.

We hire many of the “trainees” that go through our class, though a job as a river guide is not guaranteed by entering the class. We only put people on the river commercially if they show exceptional aptitude for the skills needed to guide.However, if for some reason you do not get hired as a raft guide, there are many other postions within the company that we will fill with persons that take the training class.

Raft guide training costs $450. First come first served. Non refundable once you have committed. Pre-training interviews are required, as we only admit those we think would fit well with the team. Our goal is to hire out of the training, so we don’t offer the class as a 10 day rafting adventure for people not seeking or planning to work at Sage. This class also certifies Fly Fishing guides looking to get their rowing certification to be able to guide float fishing trips.

Please contact [email protected] with questions or interest about this years Raft Guide Training Class or Fly Fishing positions.

Please contact [email protected] about Wrangler positions.

Please contact [email protected] about Shotgun Shooting Instructor positions.

Please contact [email protected] about CDL driving positions.



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