The Rivers

The Colorado RiverTX

The lifeblood of the American West. The upper reaches of the Colorado River, the headwaters, are right here in central Colorado. These waters will move on in to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Lake Mead, before straining to reach the Pacific Ocean in the northern desert of Mexico.

The Eagle RiverTX

A significant tributary to the Upper Colorado River. Its headwaters are on the Continental Divide just south of Vail and beaver Creek. The Eagle River is still a wild flowing, un-dammed river. Every day on the Eagle is different and new as water levels ebb and flow with the melting snowpack. The Eagle has sections that boast some of Colroado’s biggest whitewater at higher flows. This is also known as one of Vail’s local rivers, as it is only minutes from anywhere in the valley.

Gore CreekTX

A tributary to the Eagle River, Gore Creek is Vail’s true local drainage system, as it flows right through the heart of Vail Village. Gore Creek’s headwaters are literally within eyesight of town, as it begins its journey downstream from the Gore mountain range and Vail Pass. Dramatic views and convenience are the staple of this river trip.

The Arkansas RiverTX

Unique in the entire world. The “Ark” runs through a high alpine desert climate, in the shade of Colorado’s highest mountains, littered with Ponderosa Pine, and massive granite boulders the size of houses. The Arkansas is one of the Nations most rafted rivers, and for a good reason. The quality of whitewater lasts through the entire summer as there are reservoirs that feed the drainage system to moderate extreme high and low water levels.