Snowmobiling – FAQ

Why Snowmobile with Sage?TX

Not many times in your life will you literally be stammering as you look around, trying to vocally express what your heart is feeling in that moment: on the top of the world, in serene silence, with your family, in the heart of the rugged Colorado backcountry. The number one customer highlight of our snowmobile tours: THE VIEWS. Close second: The trails, the guide, the customer service, the private mountain, the connection with nature, the connection with family and friends. Snowmobiling isn’t all about the machines. In fact, the sled is really just there to facilitate the opportunity to have a drastic experience that you won’t get anywhere else… We believe in the experiences we offer, wholeheartedly.

Why is a private mountain a better experience for me?TX

Customer Service. When we control everything about the trip, with nobody else around to deal with or worry about, we can produce the best trip in the world. Exclusivity is sought out for a reason. Total customer focus is what we are all about. You can compare this to a private country club golf course, only, you don’t need a super expensive membership, just a reservation for adventure.

No permit stipulations/regulations from the Forest Service or BLM on our snowmobile trails. True freedom in playing in the mountains. All other companies in the area are bound by government permit restrictions that restrict their riding to roads and small play areas. Their overall rideable acreage is a fraction of ours.

No public interface. Don’t fight the crowds, go where there are none! Does a two-way trail with oncoming traffic going 70mph around blind corners on public roads sound enjoyable to you? It does not to us. We don’t ride in public areas and compete for real estate like the other snowmobile companies. The only machines on our trails are our guides leading our guests.

True loop trails. Out and back on the same trail is long gone. See more terrain and variety. Plain and simple, ride better trails. Check out the extent of the trail system on the trail map below.

No frozen porta-potties and construction trailer base/check-in on the side of Forest Service road. Sage’s log cabin is a hangout on its own. It’s perched in a high hidden valley with grand views of the Sawatch Mountain Range, 3 Woodburning stoves, Men’s and Women’s modern restrooms, TVs, WiFi, Canvas lunch tent, and a 5000 square foot deck. Begin and end your trip in comfort.

How big is 6,000 RIDEABLE Acres?TX

(Rideable is the keyword here!) It’s bigger than the Vail ski area. Imagine skiing Vail and only seeing a handful of other people on the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN…That’s what you get at Sage’s ranch. Don’t be fooled by other companies claiming 100’s of thousands of acres…those are NOT RIDEABLE acres, but rather acres of boulders and forest. Their government permits limit their use to a very small percentage of those acres.

How should I dress? What should I Bring? TX

Like you’re going skiing. Snow pants, snow jacket, gloves, goggles, and winter boots (not ski or snowboard boots).  Due to Covid-19, we are strongly recommending you bring all of your own personal winter clothing. Be sure to bring a camera, and cash to tip your guide if you love them!

Does Sage have any gear if I need it?TX

Due to COVID 19, the “normal” you may be used to when gearing up for a snowmobile trip has changed. To minimize the risk of transmission, we are asking that guests wear their own personal clothing as much as possible.

Please wear your own winter boots, neck gator (face covering), gloves, goggles, and clothing. 

If you need to rent a snowsuit and winter boots from Sage, we have a limited stock that gets cleaned after each use, and the cost is $40.

Goggles Rent for $10/Person

Items available for PURCHASE include Gloves, Goggles, Hats, Neck Gators, Balaclavas, Snacks, Drinks, T-Shirts, and Souvenirs.

Do I have to wear a helmet?TX

Absolutely. You must wear our motor vehicle-rated helmets, you will not be permitted to use a ski or snowboard helmet that you bring.

Are there age restrictions?TX

You must be 14 years of age to drive a snowmobile. Minor snowmobile drivers (ages 14-17) cannot take a passenger under the age of 18.

Can my child sit in front of me on the snowmobile? TX

No, In the event you accidentally run into something solid, your body weight would crush the child. All passengers must ride behind the driver and be strong enough to hold on to their own. We recommend 5 years old minimum age to ride as a passenger.

Is there a weight limit for participants? TX

Yes, The combined cargo weight limit per snowmobile, whether being ridden singly or tandem, is strictly enforced at 400 LBS.

What is your cancellation policy?TX

Payment in full is required at the time of booking. If you cancel your reservation 48 hours before your activity it is 100% refundable.  Any Cancellation within 48 Hours is non-refundable.

This also includes no-shows and not using reserved snowmobiles on the day of the trip. For example, If you reserve 4 snowmobiles and on the day of your trip you end up only using 3 snowmobiles, you will still be charged for 4 snowmobiles.

Add-ons within 48 hours will be dependent on availability.

We never overbook any of our trips. These policies ensure our ability to uphold our end of the reservation commitments. We look forward to playing in the mountains with you!

Any change or cancellation must be made directly with a Sage Reservation Agent. Cancellations or Changes submitted by email, text or voicemail will not be recognized.

If Sage cancels any trip due to weather, mechanical failure, unsafe conditions, or insufficient reservations, a full refund will be provided.


This is considered a cancellation and you will need to make a new reservation for another trip.


We offer transportation from major accommodation in Vail and Beaver Creek if you book that option.  You likely will have other people on the vehicle. It is crucial that we adhere to our schedule to ensure excellent customer service. If you are not at the pickup area at your designated time, we will need to depart for other pick-ups. Your trip is considered a no-show and non-refundable.

Other Age Requirements: All Minors under the age of 18 must have a Parent or Legal Guardian with them at all times during the tour.  Older siblings are not considered Legal Guardians.

WEATHER – Sage Outdoor Adventures operates Rain or Shine, Snow or Sun, Hot or Cold. It is extremely rare that we encounter long-lasting weather events that affect the quality or safety of a tour and therefore do not offer refunds for weather, nor do we reschedule trips due to weather.

Is tipping customary?TX

Yes, just like in a restaurant, around 18%to your guide and shuttle driver is customary.

Can I smoke or drink on the tour? TX

No! Marijuana legalization in Colorado is strictly for private use. Public use of Marijuana is still illegal. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on this on our property and tours. Drinking alcohol is also strictly prohibited. Cigarette smoking is also prohibited within 20 feet of the base lodge building and snowmobiles.

Will the snowmobile tip over?TX

It can, it all depends on how you drive it. Your guide will give you a great orientation of the snowmobiles and trail rules so that you feel very comfortable. In fact, our tours start in a nice wide-open area that is perfect for learning. You won’t find this kind of confidence-boosting terrain anywhere else. Your guide will be leading your tour and will be there to continually teach you and encourage you.

Can I go fast? TX

On some tours, Yes! The performance trips are designed for adrenaline seekers. If you want to blaze trails, book a performance trip. We will hit big play areas and will allow plenty of free ride time on all tours, Adventure or Performance!

Will there be other people on the tour?TX

Yes, and how many always depends on the puzzle pieces of the day. We try to keep our guest-to-guide ratio as small as possible to ensure you get the attention and respect you deserve. The same goes for the shuttle ride to the base lodge, most likely there will be others in the van with you.

Is there a private trip option?TX

Yes. Private trips are quite popular. If you desire it to be just your group out with your guide, we offer that. The pricing is different, make sure you tell the Sage reservationist this desire when you are booking your Colorado backcountry experience.