COVID-19 Response

A quick update on operations during a time of COVID19:

Sage took 18,000 healthy customers on fun trips in summer 2020: Whitewater Rafting, ATV, Fishing, and Horseback Riding. We prepared heavily and took all precautions to protect our staff and customers from the transmission of COVID, and are happy to report that NO staff got sick, and had no reports of our customers contracting COVID after participation.

Sage also took over 15,000 customers snowmobiling over the last winter, with the same careful processes and procedures.

The summer of 2021, was also a great summer, very busy, with none of our staff contracting the virus.

For the 2021/2022 winter snowmobile season, we are excited to welcome you and are looking forward to playing outside with all our guests. There are currently no mask mandates or limitations on capacity of tours or capacity in vehicles.

Sage asks that you do not participate if you are having any of the well know and well-documented COVID 19 Symptoms.

Here is a link to the Eagle County Public health order for Outdoor recreation: