Sage Outdoor Adventures Raft Race Team

2017 and 2018 National Championships Second place team.

“Our boating skills are good and we know whitewater, which shows in slalom, as we got second in 2017 and 1st in 2018 in the slalom event. This is our third year together as a team and we have lots to work on, but the foundation of being good in whitewater is there. Our strength and stamina will get better and we just have to keep taking steps in the right direction. These guys that paddle with me are like brothers. We all give it everything, so eventually our everything will be enough to win a National event. Regardless, results are what they are, but paddling together in hard whitewater is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life….its pretty special.”

– Cole Bangert

National Championships in 2018 was held on the Gauley River in West Virginia, where the highlight was winning slalom. Overall the Sage team placed second.

There are 4 events at a National Championship: Sprint, Head to Head, Slalom, and Downriver.

Cole Bangert

Kix_Summer2Kyle Nix
(member of 2016 R4 U23 Team USA and 2017 R6 U23 Team USA)

Wes Zittel

Danny Zittel

Mark Sorensen

Garrett Sapyta

Sotar inflatables out of Oregon is the title sponsor for the team, with a brand new custom designed race boat. Its fast and mean. Joint design by the Sage race team roster and the engineers at Sotar.



Sage Raft Race Team Preparing for National Championships