Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays is the fastest growing shooting sport in the world. It was invented by bird hunters in England to practice their skills where they launched breakable targets into the air to shoot at. Currently, sophisticated “trap” launchers throw biodegradable clay discs to mimic the flight of birds. The object of the sport is to see who can hit the most clays. The “flight pattern” of each clay thrown is limitless. Some are easy to hit, some very hard.


This is a wooden shooting platform with different “stations” for each shooter. There are 9 trap machines throwing clays either singly or two at a time.We use this platform to teach new or never shooters gun safety, correct body movements and strategy for hitting flying targets! We have developed a teaching progression using proper trap placements to insure success for the first time ever shooter and for the advanced shooter.

*We have modified our 5-stand to accommodate 15 guests at one time. The perfect activity for wedding parties and groups. A fun social event enjoyed by everyone ages 10 and up!



-All Inclusive Group Lesson – $160 per person (includes gun, ammo, ear and eye protection, and instructor) reservations required

*Transportation included to and from hotel



- All Inclusive Group Lesson – $135 per person

-All Inclusive Private Lesson – $225 per person , 2-5 people max.

(Instructor For 1 Hour, Gun Ammo, 25 Targets, Shooting Vest, Eye/Ear Protection)

*Ranch use fee of 10% is added to the total of each bill


The 12 station course has 2 throwers per station, positioned in a world renowned setting. Some consider it the most scenic course in North America. You tally your hits and misses as you move from station to station in groups of 1 – 4 people, very similar to a game of golf.

*If you do not shoot shotguns frequently, this course is NOT RECOMMENDED for you.



100 Targets:   $135   All Inclusive  (Gun, Ammo, Targets, Shooting Vest, Eye/Ear Protection)    $45    Targets only

50 Targets:  $90 All Inclusive (Gun, Ammo, Targets, Shooting Vest, Eye/Ear Protection)    $30 Targets Only

*We offer rental “over under” shotguns, sell eye protection, ear protection, and ammunition

*All Inclusive includes: gun rental, ammunition, and targets

*Please Note The 12-Station Course Is Closed During The Winter



“We were pleased to see the facility at Sage Sporting Clays is back up and running!  Our group of approximately 100 shooters has been making the trip up to Wolcott, CO from Denver, CO for over 5 years.  We were very impressed with the improvements made by the staff of Sage Sporting Clays this year.  All the equipment performed to expectations and the target presentations were both interesting and challenging.  The five stand, being the focal point for many in the group, performed flawlessly, what a great time!”


“One of the most beautiful and entertaining course I have ever shot anywhere in the world”  Don Ascare: Master Class Shooter, Troy, MO. July 17,2012


“Club is somewhat remote but easy access.Course is excellent, equipment first class and absolutely breathtaking scenery!”
Gary Waller   Foristell MO


“Hooked On Shooting”

“This place is awesome! 360 views and a great time! My group took private shooting lessons. Our instructor was Ted, who is a wealth of knowledge. He even knew all the names of the surrounding mtns. He was super friendly, patient and easy to understand which we appreciated since most of us were 1st time shooters. By the time we were done my group and I were shooting like pros! Ted has lots of experience and it shows! Best outdoor activity we have found in CO. Highly recommended. Cant wait to return back to shoot.”


“Incredible Sporting Clays Course”

My husband and I visited the Sage Outdoor Adventure Sporting Clay course again June 14th and 15th. This is by far the most beautiful course we have shot clays at. Be prepared to be amazed.
The customer service is impeccable. The second day, Ted met us on the back half of the course and shot with us. He even assisted me with patterning my gun. It was such a treat getting to know Ted and enjoying some of his training expertise in a picturesque setting. A true gem!