Fishing – FAQ

Why should you go fly fishing with SAGE OUTDOOR ADVENTURES??TX

From start to finish our experienced guides only care about one thing, catching you fish!! (and by the way, even if you don’t hook one, this wild river system will hook you…the journey is the destination!) We aren’t trying to sell you merchandise at a retail shop or sell you an exotic destination trip half way around the world. We want your fishing experience on our local rivers to be the best you’ve ever had. Oh and by the way, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back. We have total faith in our product, and know that you will have one heck of a fun time.

What should you wear on your fishing trip?TX

The weather in Colorado is notorious for being unpredictable, dressing in layers or bringing a backpack with extra clothes is recommended. Even if your trip starts out sunny and warm, rainstorms can move in quickly in the mountains, so bringing a raincoat is highly recommended.

Can we keep the fish we catch?TX

NO! Although legally you are allowed to keep fish, SAGE and every other fishing outfitter in the Vail Valley adhere to strict catch and release fishing practices.

Am I guaranteed to catch a fish?TX

Unfortunately, No. Our guides will do their best to put you in the fishiest spots and teach you all the proper techniques to increase your odds of catching fish. Sometimes the fish don’t cooperate though!

Do I need a fishing license?TX

Yes, a Colorado state fishing license is required. SAGE can provide licenses for $9 per day. You can also purchase fishing licenses at any sporting goods store or online before your trip for the same price.

What if I’ve never fished before?TX

No problem, that just means you haven’t learned any bad habits yet!! Our knowledgeable guide staff can teach you how to cast, mend, set the hook and grip and grin properly!

What if the weather is bad?TX

The best part about fly fishing is you can do it in any type of weather! Regardless of rain, sleet, snow, wind, catching fish is possible. It has been said, “The two best times to fish is when its raining, and when it aint” – Patrick F. Mcmanus