Summer Sporting Clays – FAQ


Is the 12 station course open for the 2018 SummerTX

NO. Only 5 stand lessons with a Sage shooting instructor are available for 2018

If I have never shot a shotgun before, should I do thisTX

YES! You should take a lesson with us and one of our great instructors on the 5 stand. This will get you the basics of shotgun shooting and your success rate on the course after a lesson will be much higher, and you will have much more fun.

Can I give my friend a lesson on your 5 stand?TX

No, any lessons performed on premises must be done by a Sage instructor.

Can I use my own gun?TX

Only if it an over/under style shotgun that can be broken open to load/unload. The guns we use and rent here are all over/under shotguns, for safety and ease of use.

What gauge guns do you use in the lesson?TX

We have 20 gauge for pretty much anyone, and 12 gauge for the heavy hitters.

What kind of guns do you have for lessons?TX

Browning, Baretta, and CZ make up most of our fleet.

Is gratuity for the guide customary?TX

Gratuity is never expected, but always appreciated!