Winter Sporting Clays – FAQ

What is a 5 standTX

The 5 stand is a platform that can hold up to 20 people, it is elevated over a basin where we have 9 different clay throwing machines, called trap machines, that make the clay birds fly away, toward, over, and across the shooters view.

Can I give my friend a lesson on your 5 stand?TX

No, only experienced shooters are allowed on the 5 stand, and any lessons performed on premises must be done by a Sage instructor.

Can I use my own gun?TX

Yes. The guns we use and rent here are all “over under” shotguns, for safety and ease of use. If you have your own gun, you can use it, but you will be required to adhere to all posted safety rules of the courses, including loading maximum of 2 shells in your gun at a time.

What chokes do you run in your rental guns?TX

The courses here are great for open chokes.

What gage guns can I rent from you?TX

We have 28 gage for smaller women and kids, 20 gage for pretty much anyone, and 12 gage for the heavy hitters.

What kind of guns do you have for rent?TX

Browning, Baretta, and CZ make up most of our rental fleet.