Horse Back Riding – FAQ

Why should I horseback ride with Sage? TX

If you want the extraordinary, never-forget-in-your-life experience, come to Sage Stables. Forget every nose-to-tail ride you’ve been on and get ready to explore the Colorado wilderness. We train the horses to ride freely next to one another and we operate on private land that allows us to take our guests wherever we please. We are not restricted to a trail system governed by the forest service but create our own by following elk migration tracks.

Will I get dirty?TX

Yes. Between horse kisses and dusty Colorado trails (if there hasn’t been rain in a couple days) dress for the wild west!

How should I dress? What should I Bring?TX

Dress ready for the trail! Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt. A hat is a great idea and don’t forget your camera!

Do I have to wear a helmet?TX

Yes helmets are required.

Is there a weight limit?TX

Yes, maximum weight per rider is 230 lbs

How old do you have to be to ride?TX

Minimum age is 8 years old .

Are we riding in a single-file line the whole time?TX

Absolutely NOT – unlike most other tours on horseback riding trails in Colorado. Because our property is private, there are no restrictions as to what qualifies as a trail. We work with the horses to break their habits of following a leader for a more relaxed ride full of conversation and fun. We customize each trip to the group.

Will there be other people on the tour?TX

Yes, and how many always depends on the day. We try to keep our guest-to-guide ratio as small as possible to ensure you get the attention and respect you deserve.

Is there a private trip option?TX

Yes. Private trips are quite popular. If you would prefer it be just your group with the guide, we are happy to accommodate that. The pricing is different so make sure you tell the Sage reservationist when booking your Colorado backcountry experience.

Is horseback riding dangerous?TX

You will be riding on a living animal. These are highly trained horses but like humans, they can be unpredictable and there are always outside factors that can affect the well-being of the animal that we cannot control.

Where do we meet for the tour?TX

At our Castle Peak Sage Stables, west of Vail and Beaver creek about 25 minutes. Detailed driving directions to the base on this website.

What is your cancellation policy? TX

48 Hour Cancellation Policy – Any Cancellation within 48 Hours is non-refundable. 

Is tipping customary?

Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated!

Can I smoke or drink on the tour? TX

No, marijuana legalization in Colorado is strictly for use in your privacy. Public use of Marijuana is still a felony. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on this on our property and tours. Drinking alcohol is also strictly prohibited. Cigarette smoking is also prohibited within 20 feet of the stables. Though marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, Sage continues to hold strong to our “Drug Free Workplace” policy, to ensure our customers are teamed up with crisp, clear-eyed guides that are high on life, not on a substance. Guides, drivers, and phone reservationists are all entered in a random drug and alcohol screening pool.