How to maintain the PERFECT trail 101

It is December 15th, 2015 and we are about to reveal our top-secret tricks to operating on the BEST snowmobiling trail system in Colorado. (we love it, but it’s not just our opinion! check out these REVIEWS for proof) 

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Gain access to 6,000 acres of incredible terrain that only YOU are in charge of trail maintenance & creation.

Step 2: Buy three badass CATS to groom with.

Step 3: Do a very, very silly snowdance to make it dump on all 6,000 acres of private property. (***it snowed 14 inches the past 24 hours!! IT WORKED!!!)

Step 4: Make a very large pot of coffee at approximately 3:45 AM.

Step 5: Make sure you have a killer “Morning Chill” playlist ready to jam out to while on trail.

Step 5: Bundle up and head out to the CAT to start grooming every single trail at 4 AM.

Step 6: After 5 hours of grooming, head back to the lodge and await the customers for the day!

Step 7: Take guests out on perfectly groomed trails all day!

Step 8: Sleep & Repeat the next day.


We have a staff of groomers that get to play in these every morning… Feel like waking up a little early for some peace and quiet on the ranch? See if you can join the next groom session! (only if you promise to make the coffee 🙂 )


Little kids with BIG toys



Greetings from the Sage Outdoor Adventures toy shop. It is here where the hopes and dreams of big kids are filled. In our workshop, our favorite elf’s name is Wesley. He’s our in-house mechanic who puts every snowmobile together— his reindeer is a yellow lab named Charlie. What did you wish for when you were a little boy or girl? I wished for a pony and a motorcycle (I grew up with three older brothers so being a girly girl was never in the cards). My parents got me 15 My Little Ponies and a remote control car. I now work for a company that has real ponies and really fun ATVs & snowmobiles. I think my dreams came true…



Ride a horse Save a cowboyEvery single person who works for the company is really just a big kid who found a job that made their dreams come true. We are lucky enough that we get to play with really amazing “grown-up toys” everyday. We get brand new snowmobiles and ATVs every year. The day the Ski-Doo semi pulls into our driveway, our hearts skip a beat and it’s Christmas morning all over again. You can never have too many toys...Waking up to fresh powder on the ranch—Christmas day. I didn’t know it was possible to have Christmas so many times throughout the year. BOY AM I LUCKY. If you’re looking to feel like a little kid again, join us this holiday season for some fun on our big-kid toys.

Happy Holidays!!



First the leaves fall, then the snow comes…

What an incredible summer and fall we had at Sage. We hired ten new raft guides and boy did they work hard for us! After a rainy and snowy May, June and July were pretty epic months on Gore Creek, the Eagle, Ark, and Colorado Rivers. August proved to be just as fantastic on the Arkansas. We cannot believe another summer and fall have come and gone but we sure are excited to see the snow falling again.Our awesome raft gals








Here are some of the women of Sage! These rad girls took hundreds of guests down the river this summer. Over the summer we watched these inspiring women learn, work, and adapt to a lifestyle and job unimaginable to most. (don’t worry we’re impressed by the men too!)

IMG_0049 (1)

We are thrilled to expand our office staff this winter. Meet the team!


IMG_0032 (1) IMG_0034 (1)


Starting THIS FRIDAY November 20th, our winter season will be officially open for the year. Get your boots ready, IT’S DUMPING IN VAIL!





4th of July Fun in Vail with Sage!

It’s that time of year again! The crowds are coming to town for some holiday shenanigans and our Independence (okay, or maybe BBQ and beer) is on the minds of everyone. The water levels are fantastic right now and there’s no better way to see Vail and the festivities than on Gore Creek as parade hooligans pass by. The annual 4th of July Vail parade is next week so expect town favorites and companies from throughout the valley to be participating in the holiday bash. If you’ve never been, on the morning of the 4th there is a parade from Golden Peak to Lionshead Village full of locals, floats, dancing men with lawn chairs, and candy galore! For our little town of Vail this is a big deal so be sure to find a spot in town early in the morning. After the parade, find yourself a BBQ or a raft to hop in down the river. Another way to commemorate our independence and transport you to the Wild Wild West circa Revolutionary War period is to join us for horseback riding and sporting clays. At our private 6,000 acre ranch, explore the backcountry in the saddle and learning how to shoot a gun… two great ways to celebrate American history! After your activities, on the evening of the 4th there are fireworks launched up high in the sky over Vail. If you’re here, welcome to our quaint little mountain celebration. The Sage family would love to spend the 4th with you! Call us today at 970.476.3700 so we can celebrate with you!


The best Sage crew & Charlie!

The most American Side x Side in town...IMG_1136

Eagle River and Gore Creek Spring Runoff Strong

It’s not hard to see it, all the rivers are pushing up the banks all over Colorado. The usual clear waters are now totally saturated with brown sediment, twigs, branches, trees, leaves, dog toys, soccer balls, and RAFTS. Talk to any boater about it, and that springtime smirk will come out. This is always an exciting time of year for all river lovers.

The Eagle River and Gore Creek have had some big surprises already this year, and there could potentially be an even bigger one around the corner. This weekend (June 20-21) the temperatures are supposed to get very high for this area, and there is a LOT of snow still at higher elevations. If the warm air mass reaches high enough elevations, rapid snow-melt could spike the river levels even more than we have already seen this spring.

We have seen two different significant rainstorms settle on the Gore Range/Vail Pass/Camp Hale area over the past week, and each storm brought a major river level spike for about 48 hours. Now we may see a major river spike for a longer time period due to consistent high elevation temperatures. Only time will tell. We could also see the opposite, where the river levels moderate a little due to a smaller snow-pack melting than I think is still up high. I’m always optimistic, but I could be wrong. We may have already seen the peak water heights and starting this weekend could be the start of the slow diminishing trend in the river levels.

Either way the weather goes, the local rivers are and will be at their best! The Upper Eagle stretch is great class IV with lots of big waves and hard paddling. This is one of, if not the best, stretch of river to whitewater raft in the state right now. It will only be at high flows like this for a few more weeks, so take advantage!

Gore Creek is another stretch to check off the bucket list while its flowing strong. Play boating is the word on GC. Sub out the raft, slash though eddies, side-surf holes…guides that have been rafting for over a decade get off this run with a huge grin, saying “I love playing in boats, that was so fun!”