Throttle Therapy….ENGAGE


Its dumping snow. We’re excited. Can’t wait to shred. After a crazy fun Summer and long hot Fall full of bike riding and whitewater in the Pacific Northwest, its time to get to power wheelies in the snow!!!


2016 Gore Canyon Race Results and Photos

We had  a great day, and had a pretty clean run in Gore, which is always a task in itself. It’s one of the harder class V runs in the country. Ended up second in the raft division, and already looking forward to next seasons racing. We are one of the only elite teams to be made up of a single company’s raft guides. Lots of teams are a conglomerate of river experts from many walks of life, but Sage’s race team is 100% Sage guides!!

Tunnel Falls 3 Tunnel Falls 2 Tunnel Falls 1 Tunnel Falls 4

No Place Like Home 5

Sage race team running tunnel falls, Gore Canyon, training for the race coming up on Aug 27th.

No Place Like Home 4

Sage race team training for the Gore Canyon Race coming up on August 27th, 2016. Class V racing is always exciting! Gore rapid is steep, techy, tight, and pushy. Not much room for error here. Whitewater boating at its finest.