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a person riding on the back of a brown horse

Looking for activities in Vail, Colorado? Discover why you should prioritize horseback riding with us here at Sage Outdoor Adventures! Learn about the many health benefits of trail riding, and find out what makes horseback riding with us different from other horseback riding in Colorado.


The Surprising Physical & Mental Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on a guided trail ride is a wholesome, healthy activity with a ton of advantages in addition to getting outdoors, seeing spectacular scenery, and spending time with majestic animals.

Horseback riding has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, enhance core and leg strength, and improve posture and spine health. Possible additional benefits could include overcoming fear, building character, developing problem-solving skills, and strengthening your reflexes.

Not to mention, the bonding and companionship that comes with navigating a horse through the Colorado wilderness, and the significance of connecting with nature and the world around you.

Finally, even just being around horses has been proven to lower blood pressure and make you happier overall by increasing serotonin levels.


The Sage Difference: Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado With Us

The best horseback riding in Vail starts with Sage! And no, it’s not just because our horseback riding near Vail offers great views of Vail Valley and Castle Peak Mountain.

We offer a true in-the-Colorado wilderness adventure on a private mountain, where the horses are trained to ride alongside each other, instead of nose-to-tail. You’re not staying single file, going out and back on one trail – not even close! It’s a special and distinctly different trail riding experience with Sage every single time.

Book a 1- Or 2-Hour Horseback Trail Ride With Sage

If you’re going to be in Vail, Colorado during the summer you must add horseback riding with us to your list of activities to try. Come immerse yourself in nature with Sage and our happy horses!

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