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It’s that time of year again! Time when the truly crazy mountain folk get together and participate in one of the more ludicrous activities we’ve ever heard of. Skiing behind a horse running full speed… WHO DOES THAT?! Not only are you holding onto a rope while being pulled by 2,000 pounds of pure horsepower but you must also collect rings and fly off jumps in the process. It is chaos and completely wonderful.

Sage is fortunate and thrilled to be a part of such an outlandish event. We love being located in the Vail Valley and are active supporters of the community. This is such a great event we could not miss partnering up with Minturn to help. As a sponsor, we will be providing snowmobiles for training and transportation during the event as well as having a tent on site with freebies and info.

Stop by our tent Saturday & Sunday to say hello and play cornhole with us! If you’re participating in the events we wish you the best! And wear a helmet!!